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    In the world of marketing one of the first topics that is talked about is corporate or brand identity, when looking for definitions you will find "visual representation of a brand" or "a combination of elements and contents to represent the personality of the company... the face of the company" and even the dictionary (RAE) "System of meanings, symbols and images more or less shared by the staff of an organization that configures the image of the same".

    All these definitions have in common that they are forgetting to explicitly mention the audio identity of the company. Almost all of them will tell you about the name, logo, slogan, color palette, fonts, design elements, etc. Nobody mentions the audio identity, why? Until a few years ago, this was necessary when they made the leap from print and visual media advertising to audiovisual media (radio, tv) and it was not common because of the high prices in these media.

    That has been left in the past, especially after the pandemic, companies have ventured into creating audiovisual content for distribution on social networks, from short videos to start their own podcasts and video segments, as well as new companies that start entirely from the Internet and social networks are their main form of communication.

    It is here when the audio identity becomes relevant, the elements contained in this audio identity are:

    • Jingle: Song or melody for advertising purposes of the company. We all remember that Christmas song of the brand that has been around for years and years.
    • Corporate Melody: It is a complete song that identifies the brand or company. It is very likely that your favorite sports team has one.
    • Corporate Voice: It is a voice used by the company for voiceovers, either for advertising or for divulgation. In many occasions we have seen or heard the same person in all the advertisements of a company, so much so that we see the passage of time in the person.
    • Audio Logo: When a company's logo is shown, an associated audio is played, we commonly see it in movies when the logos of the companies that worked in the movie are shown.

    Maybe the audio identity is not a mandatory part of the brand identity, but it is still important to consider it if you are venturing into audiovisual media advertising or if you are creating audiovisual content on a frequent basis to distribute on social networks.

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