• Reír y Llorar - LIO's new single

    The musician from Pueblo Nuevo Viñas released last Saturday his new single "Reír y Llorar".

    Following the line of electro pop and alternative rock, LIO has left us in all digital platforms a fascinating song that goes about the feelings that a room can know. Joy, sadness, anger, despair, all are feelings that LIO decided to capture in this latest single.

    The production was in charge of the artist, who played and recorded each of the instruments (bass, guitar, synthesizers, even the programming of the drums). The post production was made by Mario David from Oranshnote, this production between both artists has resulted in one of the best songs that the artist has already presented.

    The video was in charge of Jorge Lucero, photographer and videographer, who shows us in the audio visual project the artist walking the streets of Antigua Guatemala struggling with each of his emotions in a small journey of introspection and solution of internal conflicts.

    Reír y Llorar is on all streaming music platforms and digital stores, in addition to the official video on YouTube.

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    By: Oranshnote

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