• LIO - Favorite releases in 2023

    As every year at this season comes the time of retrospection where we remember the albums and songs that accompanied us at all times during the year, as a musician and music lover I am always on the lookout for new releases to satisfy my creative needs and my low tolerance to listen to the same music for a long time.

    In this note I present you my 5 favorite albums of this year:

    1. Dead Club City - Nothing But Thieves

    This album stood out remarkably, being, in my appreciation, the most balanced album I have heard this year. The masterful integration of synthesizers and guitars provides a perfect combination, offering both energetic songs and more serene compositions. This carefully achieved balance allows for a rewarding listening experience throughout the album, avoiding any moment of monotony or overextension.

    2. Gorillaz - Cracked Island

    To my taste the most digestible album of the band led by Damon Albarn, but the fact that these songs are easy to listen to does not mean that it is a repetition of what we commonly hear in the charts, it is a very worked album from start to finish, which takes us from an energetic start with Cracked Island to hypnotic ballads as the beautiful closing with Possession Island.

    3. Hackney Diamonds - Rolling Stone

    Rolling Stone's return with their latest studio album is astounding, highlighting the exceptional ability of 80 year olds to create high quality music. The work reflects a return to rock's roots with songs like "Mess It Up" and "Angry," which encapsulate the classic, pure essence of the genre. In addition, the collaboration with renowned artists such as Lady Gaga and Paul McCartney adds an extra dimension to the proposal, showing the group's ability to adapt and maintain its relevance in today's music scene. Overall, this release consolidates Rolling Stone's position as an undisputed benchmark in the music world.

    4. Austin - Post Malone

    Far from the trap that initially characterized Post Malone, his latest album exhibits a more pop and personal orientation. The work unfolds predominantly in a sonic framework that combines acoustic guitars and synthesizers, which add character to the compositions without overshadowing or detracting from the presence of the other instruments. This album presents itself as an ideal choice to be enjoyed during an afternoon on the road.

    5. Prismarama - Leon Larregui

    El líder de ZOE nos regaló este 2023 el disco más interesante de su carrera como solista, muy alejado de las baladas empalagosas como "Brillas" y "Locos" de sus anteriores trabajos, Prismarama nos brinda un abanico mucho más extenso de sonidos, con canciones hipnóticas rozando la psicodelia más clásica. A pesar de las 15 canciones que tiene el disco, gracias a la gran paleta de sonidos con la que cuenta en ningún momento nos hace sentir aburridos o que su escucha se torne pesada.

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