• Dua Lipa releases the best song of her career

    Last Friday the 16th, Dua Lipa released her new single "Training Session" on digital platforms, a pop piece that stands out notoriously. In my opinion, it is not only one of the best pop songs of the year, but also the pinnacle of her career to date, especially from a technical standpoint.

    "Training Session" tackles the subject of first dates and the frustration that comes with them, narrating the experience of meeting a series of incompatible people, as if it were training to be prepared when the right person comes along.

    The song is a collaboration with Caroline Ailin, the talented Norwegian singer and songwriter, who has previously worked with Dua Lipa on such hits as "New Rules" and "Don't Start Now". In addition, the créditoes feature for the first time the prominent Kevin Parker, known for his Tame Impala project.

    Dua Lipa has reached an impressive level of maturity in her sound, lyrics and artistic expression, something that really strikes me at 35 years old. The song modernizes rhythms and atmospheres of the past, keeping the influence of the disco music that characterizes the artist, but adding a twist towards EURO DANCE and ABBA, almost as a tribute. The rhythmic pattern is reminiscent of Boney M (Rasputin), while incorporating distinctive ABBA elements, such as catchy choruses, third harmonies, and even counterpoints that create intriguing musical diagrams.

    The piano sounds at the end of the song are a clear homage to ABBA, all modernized and in line with Kevin Parker's style. The guitars play a prominent role, proving that this instrument is still relevant in mainstream music thanks to producers like Parker.

    The music video is equally impressive, artistically bold and technically innovative. It's presented in a now unconventional 4:3 format, opting for a style that combines vintage colors with techniques like multiple exposure that I think are insane. The choreographies, which look spontaneous but are meticulously planned, are a masterful display of technique and visual art.

    In short, I have no hesitation in stating that "Training Session" is, technically speaking, the best song of Dua Lipa's career to date.

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    By: Mario David Rodriguez Medina

    Musician and sound engineer, general producer at Oranshnote